Sigarett qabel Bewsa (Soundtrack)

by Robert Farrugia

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Soundtrack for the film 'Sigarett qabel Bewsa'


released December 5, 2016
‘Sigarett Qabel Bewsa’ exploits the relationship between sexual activities and smoking to represent a counter-argument to the sexualisation of objects in mainstream advertising. The female figure, often used by advertising campaigns to instill notions of desirability, is hereby represented as an asexual landscape where mundane exchanges occur. The practice of smoking after sexual encounters is reversed and merged to present a repulsive alternative.

Film making: William Victor Camilleri
Producers: Denise Chatlani, Interactive Architecture Lab Malta
Actors: Larissa Bonaci, Vladislav Ilich
Music: Robert Farrugia
Titles: Theo Cachia



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